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McLane Health Solutions, a division of McLane Global, delivers essential nutrition to individuals and families living with food insecurity, as well as for patients managing diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and more.

At the backbone of McLane Health Solutions is McLane Global, with more than 60 years of experience in food and logistics. From our expertise in food grade logistics and transportation, to health solutions, food manufacturing, importing / exporting quality products, and hunger solutions for food banks, at McLane Global we’re all about food. Our nation-wide, 1 million square foot network of warehouses provide strategically located, affordable storage and distribution of meal kits, food products for export / import or servicing customers across the country. Learn more about McLane Global.

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Our team

Denton McLane, Chairman, McLane Global

Denton McLane

Chairman, McLane Global

For the past fifteen years, Denton McLane has been directly responsible for managing McLane Global on behalf of McLane Group. He is responsible for creating and implementing company strategy and overseeing the executive management team. Denton also sits on the family investment committee and is involved with investment strategy.

Prior to joining the McLane Global, Denton worked in several industries. He worked in professional sports for the Nashville Predators and the Houston Astros. Additionally, Denton worked for the international businesses of the McLane family in Portugal and Poland. Other career experience includes the recording industry (EMI Christian music) and real estate investing. Denton lives in Birmingham, Alabama and holds a BBA degree in Economics from Baylor University and a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Alabama.

Marissa Parisi

McLane Health Solutions Director

Marissa Parisi brings over twenty years of experience in hunger relief and health care to McLane Global. She formerly served on the senior leadership team of OneCare Vermont, an accountable care organization working to bring primary care providers into a value-based care model.  While at OneCare Vermont, Marissa led community-based prevention programs for all of Vermont’s hospitals while working closely with federally qualified health centers and independent providers. Before RiseVT, Marissa was the executive director of Hunger Free Vermont, a statewide hunger relief and policy organization. Given Marissa’s past leadership roles, she deeply understands the intersection between food insecurity and health.  She has deep experience in the ACO and health care market and how health care organizations can implement programming to address social determinants of health.  Marissa holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Hartwick College in Sociology, a Master’s of Science degree from Springfield College in Human Services, and a Certificate in Business Excellence from the Senior Leaders Program at Columbia Business School. In 2021, she received an additional credential from Columbia Business School in Advancing Racial Equity.

Dr. Taquina "TQ" Davis

Senior Advisor

Dr. Taquina Davis comes to McLane Health Solutions with over ten years of experience demonstrating the ability to partner with multiple sectors effectively, including managing and assisting with advocacy, health and racial equity, community engagement, and health care delivery. She has the desire and experience to work for and with organizations that help strengthen and implement strategies designed to achieve health equity. Her experience includes program development, management, community health, population health, complementary and alternative health, chronic disease prevention, and wellness. 

As a leader in the community health field, she works in and with communities to substantially impact and improve community health outcomes in her home state of South Carolina. In communities, she works to develop, implement, evaluate, and maintain comprehensive, evidence-based chronic disease prevention and wellness programs for community members who are underserved and uninsured. In addition, she has the opportunity to work closely with clinicians and community-based organizations to provide optimal care to patients and community members. 

As the current chair for a local coalition, she oversees the development and design of plans, logic models and cultivates resources with new partners to support community health and health equity priorities.  She serves as an advisor on related projects and initiatives on various local community coalitions, boards, and advocacy committees. She assists with advancing state and local public health practice interventions to help achieve health equity.  As the Senior Advisor at McLane Health Solutions, she will work directly with our customers to design programs for their unique populations as well as offer technical assistance on evaluation and outreach.

Taquina has her MA in Health & Wellness with a concentration in alternative medicine and her PH.D. in Health Education and Promotions. She enjoys spending time with her family, Markcus (Husband), Israel (Son) and Junia (Daughter).

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