Building a better, healthier america

Adequate nutrition – or the lack thereof – contributes to rising healthcare costs for individuals and families in communities across the country. Our meal delivery solutions are designed to drive better overall health and outcomes, reduce costs, and to support members and patients in the prevention or management of chronic health conditions. With more than 60 years of experience in food and logistics, we make it easy for providers, payers, advocacy groups and pharmaceutical partners to provide nutrition as part of a holistic approach to healthcare.

Impact - Nutrition in Healthcare

Directly address the impacts of nutrition on health

Impact - Lower costs

Lower the cost burden for patients, payors and providers

Impact - Reduce ER visits

Reduce ER visits and hospital readmissions


  • Improve population health
  • Advance patient / consumer education
  • Prevent chronic illness and decrease comorbidities
  • Drive behavioral change with patients
  • Promote socio-economic equity
  • Provide encouragement to keep medical appointments
  • Address social determinants of health
  • Promote family-wide health
  • Increase medical adherence
  • Reduce ER visits, hospitalizations, and readmissions
  • Better align incentives with providers, payers, and pharmaceuticals
  • Lower costs on any medically unnecessary drug use
  • Reduce unpaid patient services
  • Better targeting of high-cost, high-risk patients
  • Help optimize performance within capitation models
  • Facilitate inter-sector collaboration on risk-based contracts
  • Address shift to value-based models
  • Promote shift from inpatient care to outpatient and ambulatory care

Cost Management


  • Strengthen relationships with and support the work of physicians
  • Increase patient satisfaction and survey scores
  • Support coordination and transition in care
  • Address food deserts and food swamps
  • Build relationships with and in the support of diverse communities
  • Further development of new business models
  • Support patient centricity
  • Strengthen your brand and attract new members and patients
  • Improve relationships and engagement with existing members and patients
  • Standardize the diets of clinical trial participants

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